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David is a musician and composer from a musical family who encouraged his blossoming interest and experimentation in music from an early age. Beginning with guitar (acoustic and electric) at the age of 14, he soon added piano to his repertoire. David has studied music in various forms since the mid-60's, during which time he gained extensive experience in many different musical styles, particularly in the realms of composition and improvisation.

Largely a self-taught musician, David has also studied under Chet Breau and regularly participated in jazz theory and composition workshops in Winnipeg (taught by such jazz luminaries Walle Larsen and Rez Abbasi).

Over the years, David acquired experience in producing professional movie soundtracks and demo tracks for rock/pop artsts. His musical career includes performing professionally (guitar, piano, voice) with several rock bands: the Deadbeats, Dusty Joe, Penny Farthing, Sandor, and Hunswut.

David's strong interest in Chinese culture led to acquiring skills from learned Asian teachers to both choreograph and perform as a percussionist (drum, gong, cymbal) for hundreds of lion and dragon dance performances in a wide variety of settings since the early 1980s.



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