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Martial Arts Lessons and Workshops


Personal, individualized instruction is offered to meet your needs, whether you are just starting out or whether you are interested in developing your martial arts skill, performing demos, or entering competitions. David offers many years of experience and extensive qualifications to teach the following martial arts styles:

  • Shaolin kung fu
  • Eagle Claw kung fu
  • Chen t'ai chi

All ages, levels and abilities welcomed.

Private instruction, from beginning to advanced lessons, is available in Winnipeg in a central, downtown location for $40 per hour.

Workshops can also be arranged for a group instruction setting. David has over 30 years experience teaching in a classroom setting. As well he has taught courses and workshops in kung fu and t'ai chi for organizations such as Winnipeg Hydro, Folklorama, and University of Winnipeg, and in a variety of other nonprofit settings such as high schools, grade schools, and senior centres,

All ages, levels and abilities welcomed. 


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